By Elizabeth Victoria

Most teachers get into the teaching profession to make a difference, and this sort of motivation is what keeps these teachers in the profession despite the heavy workload concerns and lackluster salaries. An urge to improve the profession keeps teachers excited about what they will teach the next day and how they can instill knowledge to their students.

This is a wonderful outlook for our British teachers, especially considering how difficult the job can be. The problem, however, is that many of these teachers are not psychologically prepared for the challenges they will encounter once they join and start teaching. One of the most serious challenges is dealing with the array of different responsibilities in a teacher’s day, from instilling discipline and keeping records of students’ performance. Every teacher should get used to these activities, but how do these teachers go about making a difference in their students’ lives if students are unwilling to learn?

It can be discouraging for a teacher to try to positively impact students when those students do not want to learn — or at least think they don’t. Students of a certain age are more often than not demotivated to learn, which can be caused by a variety of complex factors. There is no magic solution, but the best way to get students willing to learn again is to engage them seriously in class. Engaging students in class makes the process of learning more accessible and enjoyable, and only then can teachers truly make a difference in students’ lives. But how exactly does one go about engaging students?

Help Them Connect to the Real World

Helping students connect and associate what they learn in class to the real world is a wonderful way to get them engaged in the content being taught. This can be done by using real and specific examples that the students are familiar with to explain a concept and also by using learning materials that are culturally relevant.

Let the Students Use Their Interests to Learn

One of the best ways to get students to engage more in class is by using things they are interested and fascinated about to get them to enjoy learning. It is important that teachers explain different concepts by using objects that students are interested in, which will help the students extend their curiosity and be motivated to learn more about the subject.

Present Information in a Variety of Formats

Teachers must choose multiple ways of presenting information to students in order to get them engaged since different students learn things differently. This will undoubtedly go a long way in improving students’ engagement, which will allow teachers to make a difference in their lives as they transmit knowledge.

It is possible to make a difference in the teaching profession and students’ lives. By staying motivated, not lose focus and utilizing both your and your students’ passions, the classroom can evolve into a rewarding, engaging place of learning and development.


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