Teachers do more than teach and instruct. They also motivate, inspire and equip students for life outside the classroom.  Here, we look at 20 well known faces from the world of music, literature, stage, politics and even royalty, who went on to live their own dreams – 20 celebrities who once were teachers

1. Sting  – Musician – English Teacher

Known as Gordon Sumner before achieving success in the music world, ‘Sting’ taught English at St Paul’s Middle School, Cramlington

2. Sheryl Crow – Musician – Music Teacher

Sheryl Crow taught music at Kellison Elementary School in Missouri, a role which enabled her to write jingles, paving the way for her solo music career.

3. Art Garfunkel – Musician – Maths Teacher

Well-known for his partnership with Paul Simon as ‘Simon & Garfunkel,’ a 1960’s rock duo, Art taught maths for two years at Litchfield Prep School, Connecticut.

4. Brian May – Musician – Maths Teacher

Legendary musician well known for being the front man with rock group Queen.  A former teacher of maths at Stockwell Manor School, Brixton, London.

5. Bryan Ferry– Musician – Pottery Teacher

Achieved fame as vocalist and songwriter for ‘Roxy Music’ but started his career as a pottery teacher at London’s Holland Park School.

6. JK Rowling– Author – EFL Teacher

Famous for the best selling Harry Potter series of books, J K Rowling taught English as a Foreign Language in Porto whilst living in Portugal in the early 1990’s.

7. Sylvester Stallone-  Actor, Screen Producer, Director – PE Teacher

Famous Hollywood actor well known for roles as Rocky and Rambo, Sylvester Stallone was once a gym teacher at the American College  of Switzerland

8. MR T  – Actor and Ex Wrestler – PE Teacher

Well known for his role as Mr Baracus in the 1980’s  TV series, ‘The A Team,’ Mr T, was once a gym teacher in Chicago

9. Alexander Graham Bell – Scientist / Inventor – Speech Teacher

Scottish born pioneer of the early telephone, Alexander Graham Bell taught speech at the Boston School for Mutes

10. George Orwell – Novelist – English Teacher

Best known for his ‘Nineteen Eighty-Four’ and Animal Farm’ works, George Orwell, then known as Eric Blair taught English at The Hawthorns Boys School in West London and Frays College, Uxbridge.

11. Roy Hodgson – Former England Football Manager – PE Teacher

Ex footballer and national England team coach, Roy Hodgson taught PE at St Allleyn’s School, Dulwich, Souh London.and Monks Hill, Croydon in the 1970s

12. Romesh Ranganathan – Comedian – Maths Teacher / Head of 6th Form

British born stand up comedian and TV presenter of Sri Lankan descent, Romesh Ranaganathan is a former maths teacher and Head of Sixth form at Hazelwich School, Crawley.    

13. Billy Crystal – Comedian / Actor – Maths and Woodwork Teacher

Before making a career as a stand up comedian, Billy Crystal taught maths and woodwork at Long Beach High School, New York

14. Greg Davies – Comedian / Actor – English & Drama Teacher

British born comedian and actor with appearances on Mock the Week, and Would I Lie to You in addition to his famous role in The Inbetweeners, Greg Davies taught English and Drama at two Berkshire schools, Langleywood School and Orleans Park.

15. Barack Obama– President of USA – Lecturer of Law

The 44th President of the USA, Barack Obama taught Law at the University of Chicago

16. Hugh Jackman – Actor, Producer – PE Teacher

Most well known for his role as Wolverine in the X-Men series, Hugh Jackman was once a gym teacher at Uppingham School, Rutland.

17. Stephen King – Author – English Teacher

Famous horror author, including the best seller, ‘Carrie’ Stephen King taught English for two years at Hampden Academy, Maine, USA

18. William Golding – Author – English and Philosophy Teacher

Famous author and Nobel prize winner for Literature, perhaps best known for his classic ‘Lord of the Flies’ William Golding taught English and Philosophy at Bishop Wordsworth’s School, Salisbury, England

19. Jesse Williams  – Actor – English Teacher

Star of the popular ‘Gray’s Anatomy’ series Jesse Williams once taught English at a public school in Philadelphia     

20. Lady Dianna Spencer – Princess of Wales  – Nursery Teacher

And last but definitely not least, the ‘People’s Princess,’ Lady Diana Spencer, who taught at local nursery before her marriage to Prince Charles.


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